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Our programs focus on helping your child grow and thrive at an early age.

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The purpose of our early intervention program is to help infants and toddlers with developmental delays, or those at high-risk of being delayed, to reach their full potential by offering individualized services by qualified, caring, and collaborative specialists.

The goals of our early intervention program include:

  • Promoting optimal development of children ages birth to three years old who have a developmental delay or who are at risk of being delayed.
  • Empowering the child’s family to be active stakeholders in their child’s overall development.

Entrance Criteria into our EI services:

  • Referral from San Andreas Regional Center
  • Child is under the age of three
  • Children referred with an educational category of Autism
  • Must reside within Santa Clara County

Additionally, entrance into our program will also be determined using a variety of sources that include but are not limited to: direct assessments, review of records, and interviews with caregivers. Ethically, our organization will only provide entrance to our program if our experiences, expertise and availability are exceedingly met by the consumer’s needs in order to provide quality services.

If you have concerns about your child’s development, please contact us!